Almond Meal For Skin


Almond Meal For Skin

Almond meal is constituted from ground raw almonds.  Almond meal is fantastic for you skin when used in face and body scrubs for removing dead skin cells, repairing damage while moisturizing dry dehydrated skin.

Almonds are high in B Vitamins plus Vitamin E, all of which are important for protecting and supporting skin function.

Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant that is known to protect and heal skin.

B Vitamins give your skin a healthy glow and plumpness.  They also help reduce flaking and eczema like skin conditions.

Facial masks and scrubs using almond meal for skin:

Almond meal and oil combined with other ingredients like yogurt, cream, avocado, coconut oil are extremely beneficial for skin and at the same time are so easy to make and apply to skin.


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Almond Meal For Skin
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