Argan Oil Recipes


Argan oil is extracted from from the oleaginous almond of the Argan Tree.

Argan Oil Recipes

It is rich in essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic, both are important nutrients to avoid early aging and loss of skin elasticity.

Argan oil also contains tocopherols, including Vitamin E which are also important for protecting skin and for it’s softening and hydrating properties.

Argan oil is ideal for use in skin care products for dry/damaged skin, and for lotions, moisturizers and serums for scars, wrinkles, brown spots and dry skin.

You can apply it directly on your skin direct, or as a serum blended with other base oils like:

  • Sweet Almond oil
  • Rosehip oil
  • Wheatgerm oil
  • Apricot oil

To make a an anti-aging serum with Argan oil, simply blend equal parts Argan oil and Rosehip oil with 10 percent Carrot seed oil.

Blend these oils together and store in a glass bottle.  Apply this serum under moisturizer or as a night treatment for a nourishing treatment.

There are many essential oils you can add to this recipe to firm skin:

  • Frankincense is great for scarring and healing skin.
  • Neroli oil helps to regenerate skin cells.  It is also a rejuvenating oil useful for cars, stretch marks and also for broken capillaries.
  • Fennel is excellent for prematurely aged and wrinkled skin, as well as wind or sun-damaged skin, or skin that just needs some tlc.
  • Lavender oil helps to soothe inflamed or acneic skin.
  • Tea tree oil is antibacterial and anti-microbial so it is excellent for acne and infected skin.

Add any of these oils to your base argan oil skin care recipe or blend at a concentration of no more than 5 percent or use our Serum Wizard to create a serum blend for your specific skin.

Alternatives to Argan oil are coconut oil for very dry skin or borage seed (starflower) oil (can buy this in capsules) as an anti-aging treatment.

Argan oil is a fantastic oil for both hair and skin, as you can see there are many uses for it whether blended with other oils or on its own.

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Argan Oil Recipes
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