Natural Face Masks | Best Ingredients For Great Skin


Natural Face Masks | Best Ingredients For Great SkinThe best ingredients for great skin are closer to you than you think!

Did you know that many of the active ingredients you hear about like COQ10, copper, retinol, Vitamin C, EFA’s – the list goes on are in many of the everyday fruits, vegetables, oils, nuts and herbs in your kitchen, garden or local store.

You’ve heard the saying fresh is best? Well this is true. The most concentrated vitamins and minerals are locked in your local supermarkets shelves – ready for you to use in easy natural skin care recipes you can make in minutes at home. If you mix them together in the right way (and sometimes the “wrong” way) you can deliver their benefits directly into your thirsty or hungry skin.

Natural Facial Masks

Natural face masks to make and many of the ingredients like the ones I am about to suggest in the list below, are full of moisturizing essential fatty acids, repairing vitamins and nutrients. They can even soften wrinkles and firm ageing skin.

Some of the most readily available ingredients for natural face masks are:

Natural Facial Mask Bases:

  • banana (acne bacteria retardant and moisturizing)
  • apple (astringent – acneic or oily skin masks)
  • yogurt (acneic skin masks and generally moisturising, also lightens skin a little)
  • cooked mashed carrot or pumpkin (vitamin c so repairing, an antioxidant for slowing ageing and brightens skin)
  • extra virgin coconut oil (does ALL sorts of amazing things for skin. Is a natural antimicrobial to kill bacteria, protects skin and very moisturizing)
  • avocado (moisturizing, helps to deliver nutrients from skin masks into the deeper layers of skin)
  • honey (anti-microbial, healing, soothing, regenerating and moisturizing making it a must have ingredient in homemade face masks)
  • egg and egg white (firming, moisturizing and egg whites give a temporary facelift type effect)
  • almond, jojoba, olive or other oils (moisturising – deliver moisture and nutrients deeper into skin)
  • red wine (anti-oxidant and firming)
  • oatmeal (ground oatmeal is great for itchy skin and has proteins that are good for skin)
  • fruits (high in alpha hydroxy acids so excellent repairing and exfoliating peel like qualities. Stimulates new cell growth and protects against free radials)
  • tropical fruits (also high in aha’s but also contain papain – an enzyme
  • nut meals (ground nuts are high in fatty acids and a good for homemade exfoliating masks)
  • brown sugar and molasses (contain glycolic acid for a natural skin peel)
  • berry fruits (high in antioxidants and fruit acids)

There are other ingredients you can use, but these are what you will easily find in local store.

Natural Face Masks | Best Ingredients For Great SkinMore Ingredients In Homemade Face Masks:

  • lemon and lime juice (great for acneic skin)
  • herbs (some are lightening or bleaching, others are great for red veins and acne)
  • tea tree oil (very good for infected inflamed acneic skin – antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-microbial)
  • lavender oil (soothing, calming and anti-bacterial. also good for itching)
  • neem oil (anti-bacterial and healing, especially for skin with pimples. eczema or psoriasis)
  • evening primrose oil (hormone balancing, moisturising, anti-ageing penetrates deep into skin)
  • frankincense, fennel, neroli, myrhh, palmarosa, yarrow, sandalwood oils (all have different purposes from repairing, to wrinkle reduction and lightening skin or age spots)
  • aloe vera (ph balancing, astringent, soothing and healing)
  • carrot seed oil (anti-oxidant, repairing, scars and healing)
  • argan and rosehip oil (healing, great for scars and anti-ageing)
  • rose oil (hightly moisturizing for very dry skin – a bath for thirsty skin)
  • tamanu oil, sea buckthorn oil. emu oil (good for acne and scarring, very moisturizing, have antioxidant properties and many more benefits)
  • baking soda and turmeric (both good for acne)

You can make natural face mask bases and then if you wish, add essential oils like these to really boost their potency. Adding fruits (especially papaya, pineapple and pawpaw) also helps to dissolve dead skin cells and stimulate new cell growth.

Using base oils in your masks is an excellent way to increase the moisturizing power of your face mask. Using essential oils is how to use natural facial masks to treat or prevent specific skin conditions or complaints.

Start with a base facial mix, then add other ingredients as you go. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your recipes, your skin is unique to you, and different blends of ingredients that work for you will become apparent after you try a few masks for yourself.

Natural Face Masks | Best Ingredients For Great SkinI have formulated some tried and true facial mask base recipes to use for all skin types and explained in detail how each ingredient benefits each skin type in Natural Home Made Face Masks and Skin Care Recipes , inside you will find many very powerful specific homemade facial mask, serum, moisturizer and exfoliator recipes.

You can use our serum wizard to make homemade face serums, our ingredient wizard, ingredient chart to find ingredients for your skin type specific natural face mask.

Have a go – you’ll be thrilled with the results!


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Natural Face Masks | Best Ingredients For Great Skin
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