Natural skin firming cream ingredients & recipe


Natural skin firming cream ingredients & recipeThere are many ingredients in nature that offer firming benefits for your skin.  Egg whites, arrowroot and red wine are some familiar foods you can use in skin firming cream masks and there are others you can make cream from at home from oils and beeswax.

Skin firming cream mask recipe:

1 tblsp whipping cream

1 tsp red wine

1 tsp arrowroot or cornflour

1 egg white (best if you whip it using an egg beater till it forms peaks)

Whisk together well – if beating the egg whites fold them into the other ingredients.  Apply to your skin with fingertips and leave on until it feels dry and tight on your skin.  Wash off with warm water.

If you want a VERY strong version of this leave out the cream and let the egg white dry completely – this is very firming so you may want to try using it with the cream first.

Natural skin firming cream recipe – moisturizer or serum

½ tsp neroli or orange oil (or orange juice)

½ tsp frankincense essential oil (optional but preferred)

½ tsp galbanum essential oil  (optional but preferred)

½ tsp lavender essential oil  (optional but preferred)

¼ tsp palmarosa essential oil  (optional but preferred)

¼ tsp lime essential oil (or lime juice)

1 cup coconut oil or rice bran oil

To make a serum combine these oils together and store in a dark glass bottle out of direct sunlight.

Alternatively to make a moisturizer you can heat the coconut/rice bran oil in a double boiler gently with 2 tblsp of beeswax and add essential oils after allowing the mixture to cool.  You can also add carrot seed and rosehip oils to make a super powerful anti-aging formula.

You can use all of these skin firming recipes to help firm and moisturize your skin.  The essential oils listed here and in Natural Homemade Facemasks And Skincare Recipes
are also very good for reversing damage and offer many other anti-aging benefits.


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Natural skin firming cream ingredients & recipe
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