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What’s The REAL Answer To Acne Free Clear Skin?

Complete Acne Guide

The Complete Acne Book

It’s not like me to whinge but it really annoys me when I read all of the acne book and product sales hype on the web! The sales pages that assume you are like a 4 year old who can’t see through the hype and sales pitch.

I know for a fact some of the products (and namely two books in particular) do actually work….but it still bugs me that they have to go through the cheesy sales pitch because they are priced at a level that they have to get you over the “what, you want me to pay THAT much for a book” shock….

Sorry if I sound a little cynical, but in my experience as a natural therapies practitioner, I’ve bought hundred of books on this subject, and what I found is that they all offer you (the books that contain advice that actually works) is essentially the same.

It’s not rocket science, it’s not difficult, and you don’t need to pay $37 (or more) for this information.

As a natural skin care therapies expert – I have enjoyed  my training, experience, years formulating scalp acne products for my customers (at their request) and reading hundreds of acne and natural health text books.

The Most Common 4 Acne Facts, Myths and Truths

There are basically basic vital points you need to know about your acne in order to fully understand the nature the acne condition and what really needs to be done in order to fully take control and defeat it. I’m talking about the real causes to relieving the symptoms and preventing future breakouts.

1. Information Overload, Conflicting Information And Short Term Solutions From All Of It

If you’ve been suffering from acne for a while, you know what I mean – so much information gets thrown at your (more like rammed in your face, in your ears and down your throat), and it’s all very confusing. Some acne “gurus” tout the right diet as the solution, some say it’s fancy ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, vitamins, microdermabrasion – you name it they all say their “thing” works. And as I’ve said earlier, many of these systems have merit – as PART of a serious and effective acne treatment. But I can guarantee you – these methods or products are often costly, temporary and/or unsustainable for many of us who have busy lives and don’t have the time of money to waste on treatments that by their very nature require a continual output of time, energy and money.

I have studied all (and tested many) of these methods, the why and how they work…and discovered the reasons why acne sufferers don’t get the results they want:

  • Ongoing cost – they have to keep buying products that bacteria gets resistant to over time making them less effective
  • Extreme one off treatment costs – laser surgery, salon microdermabrasion etc
  • Irritation – many acne products irritate skin, they are harsh, drying and the chemical composition of these products can do more damage than good
  • Cannot be included cost effectively in your everyday skincare routine. Not all of us have oily skin, teenage skin – one size does NOT fit all when it comes to skincare. Acne products are designed for one purpose, to kill acne bacteria. They don’t nourish and repair damage from not only acne, but sun damage, environmental damage, scarring. They are not full of essential fatty acids and regenerative ingredients that give your skin a mini “facelift” every day just by using them as an acne fighting skincare routine.
  • Not designed for LONG term prevention of acne. Acne is something that you need to deal with for the long term. Using the right information and remedies you can incorporate skin maintenance and acne prevention in your every day routine – without having to think about it – and without having to buy acne products.

I have studied almost all of the acne treatments known to man, taken what works, and made it into something you can use and enjoy to actively eliminate acne starting from day one. For some people eliminating acne for good may take more than a month, but for most people…you can see a huge difference your skin in days. I like to teach people how to feed their skin with all of the best vitamins, regenerative oils and active ingredients you’ll find in top of the line skin care ranges – but all from home without having to buy a single bottle of skincare cream.

2. Acne Bacteria Becomes Resistant To Acne Drugs And Antibiotics Over Time And Can Actually Make Your Acne Worse

Steroids, antibiotics (topical and oral) take their toll on our bowel flora, steroids damage your liver, and mess with your internal balance – which shows in you guessed it – your skin! No matter what your doctor or dermatologist tells you, taking acne medications treat your acne:

  • Significantly impacts on your internal system and destroy your natural internal balance.
  • Does not address what’s causing your acne and only deals with the symptoms.
  • Exacerbates and aggravates your acne and bodily imbalance causing deterioration of your health worse over time.

3. Medicated Creams, Cleansers And Spot Treatment Alone Don’t Cure Acne

Most acne products/creams/potions and lotions actually strip your skin of it’s natural protection systems and can make acne grow much worse over time. Cleansers, creams and other topicals are aimed at targeting symptoms of acne, not the real cause. The truth is, acne is in part caused by an imbalance in your system and by taking prescription medication or by applying medicated acne products you have probably already thrown your body way “off course” and done the opposite of making your skin an inhospitable environment for acne to live in/on. What I learned from my research of scientific studies and trials is, that if you correct the imbalance, then (and only then) can you effectively start the process of eliminating acne – which is essentially just a symptom of that imbalance.

4. Acne is Just A Signal That You Need To Correct An Imbalance

Acne may look like a skin issue, but that’s only a symptom. Acne is an internal and systematic problem. It’s actually a disorder that affects your whole body. Our bodies have systems to protect against invading bacteria and infections, if your body is not able to perform that function effectively, you will see conditions like Acne take hold.

What Makes An Acne Treatment Successful

In my experience there are 4 criteria an acne treatment or system needs to meet to work:

  • Permanent (95% of the people who use conventional acne treatments only fix their acne temporarily and often end up with ah worse case because they don’t know they are feeding the problem)
  • Safe - no side effects, no irritation and no chemicals
  • Low Cost – Forever using all natural recipes made at home
  • Easy – you won’t find anything hard to understand or follow with what I share with you (because experience has told me most people won’t follow through on something if it’s cramping their lifestyle)

It’s just human nature – and the nature of acne!

Fortunately it is often the simplest causes that cause the most aggravation, and they can be fixed – or corrected to eliminate acne for good!

Questions, More Questions And Answers

Over the years I have answered literally thousands of acne questions, and made up hundreds or serums for children and adults – some of whom could not afford to buy them in store – and handed out hundreds of natural homemade acne recipes.

Some of these kind and generous people suggested  I collate this knowledge, all of the useful information everyone is wanting to know from all the resources I have has access to into ONE book, so it’s all there complete for people to read/use.

You can go and buy all the various books/systems to get the information or spend lots of time searching the web trying to piece it all together…but I’ve done all of that already. That information was in my head – and being shared with people one by one…not very efficient I guess.

So I Took What I Know And Wrote The Complete Acne Book , And It’s All About:

  • All of the best advice I have found and collated from my research on acne treatments (with lots of extra gems that make everything more effective – an acne fighting turbo boost if you will)
  • The same tips and beneficial systems for eliminating acne for good (with none of the boring “filler” content that isn’t going to help you understand what you need to know)
  • Tons of natural home recipes with very potent antibacterial natural ingredients combined in easy anti-fighting skincare moisturizer, cleanser and mask recipes you can make at home
  • All you need to know and do to get rid of acne – in the simplest non confusing and cost efficient manner

Reasonably Priced - charging more than a bottle of acne product didn’t sit well me with me. Not everybody can (or wants to) pay $37 for a book right?  I would have felt guilty and uncomfortable with that.  I wanted to create something that’s just as comprehensive but affordable (under $10) that covers my publishing costs with a little extra for my time – fair enough? :)

So What’s In It? Apart From The 20+ Recipes For Acne Masks, Serums, Steams And Cleansers

Well, here’s what another “cure your acne” (selling for $37) offers you….

  • Permanently Cure Your Acne Within 2 Months
  • End The Breakouts & See Results In Less Than 7 Days!
  • Eliminate Blackheads, Excessive Oiliness and Redness
  • Remove Most Types of Scars and Acne Marks
  • Look Better, Feel Better and Regain Your Self Esteem
  • Improve The Quality Of Your Life Dramatically!
  • Step-By-Step Natural Skin Care Recipes That Save You Money
  • Without ResortingTo Drugs
  • Without Expensive Treatments

The Complete Acne Book contains all of this and much more.

A Little More About Who Am I And Where Did I Learn What I Know And Gain All Of My Experience?

Since 2005 (at the age of 34) I have been passionate about studying and leaning about dermatology, skin care and nutrition. This all started with my own experience having dealt with (and eventually curing) my own back acne and severe scalp acne for over 15 years – along with my sons eczema and from then on I’ve been helping thousands of other people get rid of their scalp, facial and body acne. During my own quest for answers, I studied (and qualified in) natural therapies, aromatherapy and other natural therapies. I bought and read every book on dermatology, skin disorders, skin care, hormonal regulation, detoxing, and nutrition. I have literally read hundreds of medicine and natural skin care books from cover to cover. I wanted to share my knowledge and so founded of, a website about scalp pimples, itchy scalp and dandruff issues, and at the request of my readers, developed a whole range of natural oil based products dedicated to itchy skin and scalp..  I still get hundreds of emails a year from people who love the products and have cured their scalp pimples – and body pimples as a result.

If you’ve tried any of these acne treatments…

  • Accutane
  • Antibiotics
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Blood type diet
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Macrobiotics
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Oratin
  • Proactive
  • Zenmed

And still have the same issues with acne – there is a reason!

Imagine trying to fight a fire by throwing kerosine on it. Using chemical acne treatments on your skin is NOT the solution. By using natural remedies and every day skin care products (or make your own super easy 5 minute cleansers moisturizers etc) with all natural potent antibacterial “active ingredients” you can add yourself, you can reverse any damage and heal your skin from the deeper layers up (and of course wipe out acne bacteria in the process). Homemade acne solutions are not bland and ineffectual…don’t underestimate the power of natural antibacterial ingredients, many of these are the same as or more potent then the ingredients in commercial acne treatments.

These Chemical Based Ingredients Aren’t Your Only Choice, There Are Many Potent Natural Alternatives For Acne Treatment You Can Utilize (And Make) At Home From Fruits, Bark And Essential Oils

Just a few examples of natural acne fighting ingredients are…

  • Willow Bark
  • Strawberries
  • Turmeric Powder
  • UMF Active Honey
  • Herbs
  • Essential Oils
  • Several Other Fruits

I show you how to use these ingredients to make highly effective home treatments that pack a powerful punch while nourishing your skin, oh and there are many other moisturizers and serums that feel yummy on your skin (with antibacterial and healing hydrating non oily benefits for your skin). And much more…

In The Complete Acne Book You’ll Find Recipes And Advice Like:

  • How To Normalize Hormonal Imbalances That Effect Your Skin
  • How To Protect And Fortify Your Skin’s Natural Defence Against Acne (I don’t know why other acne books don’t tell you this)
  • How To Eliminate Blackheads, Excessive Oiliness, Peeling, Flaking And Redness
  • How To Easily Eliminate Imbalances In Your Body (Bad Bacteria) That Cause Acne
  • Hundreds Of Recipes To Make That Have Powerful Healing And Rejuvenating Properties To Repair And Deeply Nourish Your Skin (if you want the fastest way possible to restoring clear beautiful skin)
  • How To Avoid Products That Strip Your Skin And Even Damage It Causing Cell Membrane Damage
  • Enjoy Learning How To Combine Natural Active Ingredients Into Potent Skin Nurturing And Healing Scar Prevention Treatments You Can Make At Home In 5 Minutes
  • Exfoliating Natural Acne “Peels” That Leave Your Skin Clear And Glowing
  • Facemasks For Acne, Homemade Acne Cleansers, Homemade Acne Steams And Rinses
  • What Product Ingredients Make Your Skin More Susceptible To Skin Conditions Like Acne And Irritation
  • Acne Treatments From Homemade Acne Masks To Pimple Cleansers & Steams
  • Scar Remedies And Serums To Eliminate Acne Scars
  • Soothing Remedies To Remove Redness And Soothe Acne Pain
  • No -thinking Required Preventative Methods To Use Daily To Maintain Acne Free Skin

These Recipes And Principles Are Effective For These Types Of Acne

  • Mild, Moderate Or Severe Acne
  • Acne Vulgaris
  • Cystic Acne or Nodules
  • Acne Conglobata
  • Acne Rosacea
  • Blackheads or Whiteheads
  • Papules Or Pustules
  • Acne on the Face, Neck, Back, Shoulders or Chest
  • Teen or Adult Acne
  • Menopause Acne or Acne Due to Monthly Cycles

It doesn’t matter what type of acne you have, the principles for getting rid of acne are more or less the same. They are principals that have been proven to work regardless of your age, gender of lifestyle.

That’e enough spiel…

If you are interested in buying this book on Amazon (they offer a return guarantee) it’s under $10 –  I’ve gone to an immense amount of time and effort to make this the most comprehensive acne book around, and try to add everything you might find in other books you’ll find elsewhere – I’ve taken out the filler fluff so it’s “concentrated” and condensed it all into a potent acne eliminating guide!

Enjoy the recipes – these are the “secret weapon” and key to not only relieving the irritation and redness associated with acne, but also to rebalancing and supporting your skin so acne bacteria have no place to survive – a barren desert for acne but a fertile healthy rich garden for your skin cells to thrive and glow!  The Complete Acne Book

I wish you success.


Mia :)


(P.s.) Here’s The Book Description As Seen On Amazon…

This book covers all aspects of acne concerns including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments from commercial options to a while host of powerful and effective natural at home acne remedies. With hundreds of acne eliminating recipes including cleansers, masks, serums, scrubs and moisturizers that treat acne while nourishing and repairing skin (yes even removing acne scars). To really get rid of acne for good (not just a bandaid short term fix) it’s important to recognize and understand not just the physical symptoms, but how to target acne at it’s source for long term prevention. Many commercial acne products can cause skin irritation or sensitivity.  The Complete Acne BookComplete Acne Guide explains all of the active ingredients used in products and also surgical alternatives like laser and microdermabrasion etc. Understanding the pros and cons of all treatments gives you confidence in knowing what treatments are available and best suited to your skin (apart from the hundreds of effective natural acne treatments in the book). Scientific and personal research shows that many natural recipes actually work much more effectively on your skin than chemical acne washes and treatments. Homemade acne treatments also have the added benefits of healing, moisturizing and reducing (or removing) scars. They also help to balance and protect skin against future breakouts, without having to spend anything extra on your skin. It’s easy to spend tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time on acne treatments. Whatever you are spending money on (products, treatments or books that show you how to use almost free natural recipes), you want to know you’re getting great value –make that AMAZING value and not have to keep forking out for acne products that aren’t giving you a long term result! We all like instant gratification – but the real satisfaction is the LONG term results. This book will give you all the tools you need to get rid of your acne and leave no acne questions unanswered. The Complete Acne BookComplete Acne Guide

Radiantly healthy skin, hair, feet, hands, eyes, and nails. Recipes for hand and footcare, nail treatments, shaving cream, and even popular spa treatments such as microdermabrasion exfoliants, detox and cellulite soaks, ayurvedic oils, and herbal cold salves.
Complete Acne Guide
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About Mia

Mia Gordon is a blogger, natural remedies expert, researcher & author, best known for her popular "Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes (Amazon)" book which shares hundreds of easy homemade face masks, skin care recipes, acne treatments, and anti aging oil blends to protect, nourish and beautify skin. A simple, easy to follow guide to healthy radiant skin at home.

  • Mohsin Ghafoor

    Quite useful info about common acne problems and their natural remedies.

  • Susan Clark-Lujan

    You do know that all acne begins the same way? It all starts with a clogged pore. No clogged pore, no acne. Acne is actually Retention Hyperkeratosis; the rapid build up of dead skin cells and sebum in the follicles (pore) and the subsequent inability of the body to slough off those built up dead skin cells. So, they get clogged up in the follicle. Take these clogged follicles and add anaerobic bacteria (Proprionibacteria Acnes, aka P. Acnes), which is found naturally on the skin, and you have the perfect ingredients needed for acne to develop. P. Acnes bacteria thrive and grow in an anaerobic (low oxygen) environment; like deep within a plugged follicle. Using sebum/oil as it’s energy source, the low oxygen levels and accumulating sebum creates the prime environment for the growth of P.Acnes bacteria. Inflammation (Pimples) happens when this bacteria (P.Acnes) feeds off the dead skin cells and sebum within the follicle/pore and releases an enzyme call Porphyrins. These Porphyrin enzymes irritate the follicle/pore walls causing inflammation (aka pimples). That is how ALL acne starts off. Acne is for most people an inherited disorder. If you are dealing with acne, you most likely inherited pores that shed dead skin cells at a much faster rate than normal pores. While normal pores shed about one layer of skin cells every day, the acne-prone pore sheds up to five layers per day. The body just can’t keep up with this so a plug forms (dead skin cells mixed with sebum is called a comedone) in the follicle/pore. If it gets inflamed, (inflammation is also an inherited propensity), and combine that with a diet full of diary, salt (iodides), gluten, peanut oils, etc, along with life style habits and choices that contribute to the problem like using cosmetics, skin care products or laundry products containing pore clogging and/or irritating ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Isopropyl Myristrate, Algae Extract, Carrageenan, Laureth-4 and others that can exacerbate acne, then you WILL develop papules and pustules and be dealing with acne that you just can not get cleared up. This is what acne is, how you get it. So HOW do you get rid of Acne? First you need to understand that there is no one-size fits-all solution for clearing acne. You will need to use the correct products for YOUR skin type and the type of acne you have. (Do you have a oily skin type, dry skin type, combination skin type? Are your breakouts non-inflamed, inflamed, or a combination of both? Is your skin dehydrated? sensitive?) All these need to be determined before you start ANY regimen and ANY products. Beating acne for good is not easy; it takes time, dedication and commitment. There are a four key concepts that you need to know to get your skin clear and get rid of acne. 1. You need to use the right acne products for your type of skin and acne. 2. You need these products to be strong enough for your type of skin and acne. If they are not, your skin will not change much. If they are too strong, you will irritate and dehydrate your skin; and you will still break out. 3.You need to use these products in the RIGHT way. It takes strong products to get acne under control, but if you use too much too soon, you will irritate and dehydrate your skin. The trick is to start SLOWLY with strong products. 4. You need to account for your skin’s ability to adapt to the products. What does this mean? This means you can not allow your skin to get too “used” to products. If you do, then your skin will stop responding and not get clear. It takes adjusting your skin care regimen routinely. Usually every two weeks or so. THIS IS WHY PROACTIVE DOES NOT WORK! It is a one-size fits all system. Not everyone has the same kind of skin type or acne type. That is why it does not work. And if you go to a dermatologist, they wont even touch your skin! Just write you a prescription for an antibiotic, (and we know acne is not a bacteria problem…it is a dead skin cell build up problem!) If they give you a retinA cream most of those contain the pore clogger Isopropyl Myristate and will only cause your pores to clog up even more. What you need are 1. products that help to exfoliate the skin your products penetrate the pores easily. 2. products that hydrate the skin so it is receptive to your homecare regimen. 3. As acne impactions loosen and surface they (the pimple seed) must be extracted properly or the pore will continue to become inflamed. 4. You should get professional acne treatments every 2 weeks by a licensed esthetican who is highly trained and educated in acne. Keep in mind there is NO CURE for acne. Acne must be controlled and managed until it burns out. It takes 30 – 90 days for an acne lesion to surface so once your start a clear skin program you must stay the course and commit to at least 3 months and sometimes up to 4-6 months depending on the type of acne you have. Susan/ CA Licensed Esthetician/ Acne Specialist/ Inventor of The SoothieQ.

  • Susan Clark-Lujan

    BTW Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Coconut Oil is horrendous for acne. It will only make acne worse.